Here at Airdrie Daycare Fun and Learning go Hand in Hand!

AIRDRIE DAYCARE was established in 1980 and has been providing childcare services for children for over 30 years! All 4 locations of Airdrie Daycare are fully licensed and accredited centres and feature ample indoor and outdoor spaces for children to learn and play. One of our outdoor spaces is located on an acreage with 1 acre of outdoor space in a secured area and allows all of our children to play and enjoy the outdoors and getting fresh air everyday.We at Airdrie daycare spend outdoors everyday( weather permitting)

Airdrie Daycare Centre is a childcare centre that serves children of ages starting at 1 months to 11 years old. Our various indoor activities areas and classrooms that are filled with natural light set the bar high for childcare.Airdrie Daycare Centre offers each child, quality care for their development which becomes their foundation and thus preparing them for a successful life. We maintain the highest educational standards for every age level and are dedicated to partnering with parents to give every child the best future.

Our programs are designed for a year-around care including spring, summer, and winter breaks. Our teachers are well educated ,certified, highly trained and qualified to offer your family unmatched service while providing our children with the loving, nurturing environment they need. Since each child is different and special in some way or the other, we believe in helping each child reach his or her fullest potential by challenging them appropriately and ensuring that they always feel safe , heard and important.

“At Airdrie Day Care.”, the staff will acknowledge and respect the family’s primary role in child rearing and the parent’s/guardian's right to transmit their values, beliefs and cultural heritage to their children”. We are provincial government approved centres that maintains  constant awareness of all legal requirements for the operation.

“Our goal is to provide a safe, happy, healthy and learning environment for the children, their families and the staff. To promote good relationships the following may be observed: frequent positive reinforcement from each other, staff is treated equally and fairly, delegation of authority will be in accordance with an individual’s special talents. Relationships are built on honesty and trust. Staff is readily available to help each other and the families they serve. Individual opinions  are respected and the staff, management and families work as a team in regards to problem solving.”

Our philosophy at Airdrie Day Care is that children learn through play and incidental opportunities, Children need creative activities and positive attitudes to enhance their social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and self-concept growth and development. We encourage and support child-initiated activities that enable children to share their feelings, emotions and ideas with our staff and provides children a sense of self-worth.Children *need to be provided with good nutrition that will contribute to healthy, physical growth and the increased ability to learn. Children need place, just for them, to feel emotionally secure and safe while they are away from home and hence we are committed to providing an environment which is inviting, spacious and emotionally and physically safe with many learning opportunities. We help children to learn values like respecting  friends, families and  teachers by providing appropriate opportunities to make good choices and to be kind. The staff at Airdrie Day Care will adhere to this philosophy by providing quality care, creative programs, and are aware of developmental needs of all children in care. The staff will act as role models by observing a mature attitude and sense of professionalism. We are committed to the development of children and the early childhood education and care profession. This will be done in accordance with best practices in Health/Safety Authorities and Childcare Licensing protocols and procedures.*Children will be identified throughout the handbook as children those with and without special needs. All children are treated with respect and dignity. We will do our best to adapt our program and routines to accommodate any child with special needs.We believe that our programs reflect that we are a part of the family support system that enables parents to go to work knowing that their child is safe and well cared for each day.

“We will provide a full day program for children” ages 1 month to 11 years. We will provide an educational, play filled setting with educated, qualified, trained  staff members that are sensitive and responsive to the unique needs and personalities of each child in their care. We will recognize the role of parents by assisting them in providing quality child care for their children.
*We are inclusive of all and children with special needs will be welcomed providing we can meet their needs in our facility. Airdrie Daycare centres will use the services of the Supported childcare network whenever possible.

About Airdrie Daycare